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“Farmadelphia proposes to transform the urban environment by introducing bucolic farmlands into the city’s urban fabric. The insertion of incongruous rural elements assigns a new use for the abandoned parcels, creating juxtapositions between farm and city that challenges its residents to revitalize their surroundings and daily lives. The conversion of vacant lots into farmlands not only provides employment in the industry of agriculture but also empowers residents to take charge of their lives and their land.” Creative Photos.

Link to Farmadelphia.

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Where The Wild Things Are


“For the past four years, Grubb has been acquainting himself with the medicinal and nutritional qualities of these plants that thrive on neglect, often in poor soils, on marginal land. He is an urban forager: a student of nourishing foods that can be gathered for free in the city. On this glorious morning the weedscape looks idyllic: the hawthorn and wild roses are in flower and birds are singing in the tree tops.”

Link to article “Where The Wild Things Are”.

Link to website “Eat The Suburbs”.

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Growing Power – An Urban Agriculture and Education Center


“Will’s newest aquaculture houses are built in simple plastic hoop houses with the fish tanks buried in the ground to increase insulation and allow the use of inexpensive pond liner vs. stand alone tanks in an attempt to cut costs and reduce energy inputs. The last greenhouse system he took us through was built for $5000 plus labor, and several hundred pots of greens and vegetables that were basking in the warm humid air.” 

Link to this article about Growing Power.

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Charity Helps Out At Home Kids Benefit In Canada’s Back Yard

“Heifer has provided a three-year grant of $150,000 to the program, which is operated at FortWhyte Alive, an environmental-education centre and farm on 263 hectares of land inside Winnipeg’s city limits. About 40 high-school students spend two hours working at the farm each week during the school year, and about eight are hired as full-time employees in the summer. Among other things, the teenagers grow and market vegetables, raise bees and run a honey business, and operate an aquaponics system featuring a 450-litre fish tank that is home to more than 200 tilapia.”

Link to news story here.

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Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

Vancouver sees very little snow. Most of the winter will be mild and rainy, so we get very excited when our garden turns white. This shot was taken December 1 by our web cam perched high up in the wall of City Farmer’s greenhouse office. And we are also thrilled to turn 30 this year! Not only do we look back with pleasure at our accomplishments, but eagerly look forward to new projects about to hatch.

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