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Basel, Switzerland: Micro-farms and Gardens

Basel Gardens

JTR_0280.JPG, originally uploaded by eamesd.

“In Basel, Switzerland, the metro area – this magic jewel of small farms and gardens — livestock even!”

Link to larger photo.

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1 Jonas Schmid { 02.17.12 at 5:52 am }

The small Gardens you see on the picture are very common around europe, they are also known as “Schrebergärten (from Dr. Schreber)”. The idea is nearly 2hundert years old. They were founded to enable the poor working population in urban areas to grow they re own food. As beautiful as they look, I am not a real fan of them, they are considered to be occupied by petty bourgeoisie, strictly organized, (e.g , mow your lawn once a week, rip out all weeds because your neighbours dont like them.), often have a abusive use of fertilizers and all kind of weed-killers. As nice as the picture looks, as they have become more hobby then need, there is also quite a problem with illegal building of garden houses ,law says you are allowed to have a small building in your garden for tools, but some people use this to build weekend houses which is not the idea. Sorry to disturb your nice picture, you really found some of the origins of urban farming, keep on, but i prefer the collective and not “everyone on its own patch” idea.