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Family Business Gardens (FBG) – Urban Agriculture In Sri Lanka


Dr. Thilak T. Ranasinghe, Director of Agriculture (Western Province), Colombo, Sri Lanka, has written a 4000 word paper on Family Business Gardens.

“In Sri Lanka, according to the resent studies, it is stated that the urban population will increase from 4,430,000 in 2000 to 9,090,000 by the year 2025. The increasing trends in greater urbanization, an ageing population and increasing female workforce in developing countries pave the way for new forms of demand structures in ready-to-eat foods, functional foods (less fat, less cholesterol, less energy and vitamins added), organic products and time saving products in housekeeping. In other words, increasing urbanization accelerates the process of switching from commodity to diverse banded consumption patterns. Thus, sustainable and economically viable resource utilization will become key aspects in promoting entrepreneurship skills in the urban agricultural production process.”

“The use of cultivation structures at convenient standards for low/no-space cultivation methods helped to reduce pollution levels low and clean the environment while contributing direct impact to city dwellers in reducing public health costs (e.g., rooftop gardens of Perera’s family in Pamankada, Sunil’s family in Battaramulla & Jayawickarama’s family in Galawilawatta – Figure 4). Urban dust, smog, dirt and sound can be absorbed by using appropriate crops cultivated in homesteads of city limits even as micro level entrepreneurships. In future micro-level agro-enterprises could be promoted with modern scientific applications such as aeroponics, acquaponics, omega-gardens and the like.”

Read Dr. Ranasinghe’s paper here. (4121 words .DOC)

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1 S.Periyasamy { 01.06.11 at 6:32 am }

This is an interesting article I need more information

2 chaminda prasad { 04.26.11 at 3:37 am }

it is good programm in srilanka

3 mahinda prasad { 04.26.11 at 3:41 am }

it is a good programm in sri lanka

4 Kailasapillai Sathes { 12.29.11 at 5:01 pm }

This is an interesting article,In future you cosider all province in the Island how to develop agriculture products in limited area. I need more information for our purpose and support your goal also.

5 Gayath Pathirana { 06.05.12 at 2:45 am }

Sri lanka Still 1St stage of organic farming..
Have to more learn in sri lankan farmers further 5 years.

6 Pradeepika Herath { 03.21.13 at 11:36 pm }

this is a wonderful project. I am very much interested in starting a organic Urban Farm. But I dont know where to get any information or guidance. If someone can direct me in the right direction it will be much appreciated.

7 Dr. Thilak T. Ranasinghe { 04.04.13 at 9:37 pm }

Dear Pradeepika : If you are in Sri Lanka let me know your email address and I could provide details to whom you need to contact. I am Thilak T. Ranasinghe : email-