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Backyard Gardening Project in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa


Glouster, Leicester and Sumiala Towns are found in the western urban area within the Freetown municipality. They have a population of about 562,000 people; 60% take part in backyard gardening; most are women who depend on their garden to augment their basic livelihood. These activities were interrupted during the war but there is now a renewed interest in this activity.

35% of the population depend on the production of cash crops and a few other mixed crops, which they use to support their children and pay for household expenses.

A survey of women gardeners found:

The group are too poor to provide themselves with the basic gardening inputs such as seeds, tools and chemical fertilizers.

They do not have the technical support that will help in the smooth running of a highly productive gardening system.


The full funding proposal can be found here. (2200 words)

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