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Impacts of Urban Agriculture – Highlights of Urban Harvest Research and Development, 2003-2006


Along with the IDRC and the RUAF, Urban Harvest, headquartered in Lima, Peru, is a major centre for international urban agriculture development. This recent publication, 2007, is available for download as a 64 page PDF (3.2MB).

“Although many migrants move to cities in the
expectation of more and better-paid jobs than in the
country-side, we know that many cities have as much as
90% informal employment, meaning occasional and
precarious opportunities for earning income. Urban crop
production and livestock-keeping have been shown to be
complementary activities to casual non-farm work for
many families and improving their income-generating
potential can help them move out of poverty.

Articles from the Philippines, Vietnam and Uganda show the special opportunities that urban and peri-urban producers have to access local input and produce markets.”

This publication is “a review of some of the ongoing work of Urban Harvest, the CGIAR System-wide initiative on urban and peri-urban agriculture, focusing on how initiatives under the themes of urban livelihoods and markets, urban ecosystems health and stakeholder and policy dialogue are helping to support urban poor in Africa, Latin America and Asia.”

Download here. Impacts of Urban Agriculture – Highlights of Urban Harvest Research and Development, 2003-2006.

Subjects from the Table of Contents include:

Introduction to urban livelihoods and markets

Flower power in the Philippines: Strengthening the contribution of the jasmine industry to urban livelihoods

Meals on wheels add a new dynamic to pig raising in Hanoi

Identifying best bet marketing opportunities for Kampala farmers

What should I feed my child? Perceptions of foods for young children
among Lima mothers

Introduction to Urban Ecosystem Health

Adopting Farmer Field Schools to urban realities in Lima, Peru

Research for a cleaner future: Heavy metal contamination in Kampala

Dirty secret treasures in Nairobi

Improving the quality of irrigation water in Lima

Introduction to Stakeholder and Policy Dialogue

Getting agriculture on the municipal agenda in Lima

An urban agricultural model in the making: Kampala, Uganda

Improving the integration of urban agriculture in national and local government in Kenya, through multi-stakeholder platforms

Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest is the CGIAR system wide initiative in urban and peri-urban agriculture, which aims to contribute to the food security of poor urban families, and to increase the value of agricultural production in urban and peri-urban areas, while ensuring the sustainable management of the urban environment. Urban Harvest is hosted and convened by the International Potato Center.

Contact: Gordon Prain, PhD Global Coordinator
CIP, Apartado 1558 Lima 12, Peru
Av. La Molina 1895, La Molina, Lima-Peru
Tel. 51-1-3496017, Ext 2040/3042