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Brantford Ontario Man’s Food Garden Blog


Durgan has been blogging his backyard gardening efforts for a number of years and sharing his extensive knowledge of food gardening with readers. He has many interests and his excellent photographs are instructive. Subjects include: Making Juice from Fruit and Vegetables; Stiff Neck Snake Garlic; Japanese Beetle on Grape Vine; Preparing Horseradish condiment.

“The 0.4 acre garden is located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada in Zone 5. This is my sixth year gardening on this property. It was covered in grass and the soil is heavy clay of fairly good quality, but poorly drained. The property was a wet mess after any heavy rain.The first year I put in drainage pipe across and down the yard for about 300 feet all by hand alone.

“The city supplies free of charge during the month of May about a half a yard of screened vegetable compost per day. Quality 100%. I built a half yard box in my minivan, and took a 20 km round trip daily for about 75 days. I eventually put about 45 cubic yards of compost in the garden. Now I drop a seed in the ground and it grows and grows and grows.”

Durgen’s complete 2007 Journal can be found here.

And his new 2008 Journal begins here.

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