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Growing an Educational Garden at Your School: A Study of the Hawai`i Experience


“Far more than simply a ‘how to’ manual, this guidebook is a collection of a wide variety of experiences depicting school gardens across the state of Hawai`i. This book features teachers who plant gardens with their students to educate across multiple disciplines—math, geography, history, biology, and language arts.

“Stories of gardens that are more than just gardens abound, such as the school that parlayed lessons of growing things into lessons of entrepreneurship by turning a productive garden plot into a model farm business to assist in funding field trips.

“It includes some surprising stories, such as how a five-year-old led the way to create an amazing school garden, and a class whose garden experience resulted in creating a prize-winning song and performance. Each school’s story provides clues and assistance to others who are contemplating starting their own school garden.

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1 gibber { 04.23.08 at 1:49 pm }

I have read this very inspiring book. It is timely and pertinent and proves that there is still a instinctual connection between children and the outside world. Despite the glut of electronics that capture our children’s attention.