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Urban Beekeeper in Los Angeles – Kirk Anderson


Interview with Kirk on Michael Olson’s Food Chain RadioShow #591.
Michael is the author of the award-winning book “MetroFarm”, a 576-page guide to metropolitan agriculture.

“Bees are so sensitive they appear to die at the first sign of trouble. As such, they have become the canaries in the mine of our environment. But this leads us to ask, ‘Why are bees thriving in the unnatural environment of Los Angeles?’

“Topics include the difference between keeping bees in the city and in the country; how urban bee keepers are creating communities of bee people in cities around the world; and what it takes to become involved in urban bee keeping.”

Listen to the interview with Kirk on Michael Olson’s Food Chain RadioShow #591 here.

Some weeks ago Kirk Anderson wrote to me (City Farmer) and described his work.

I’m an urban beekeeper in Los Angeles and had trouble keeping bees because of lack of a space. I got some space at an urban garden and bought some more bees. I had a problem with ants but when I started to feed the ants, the ants stopped overrunning the hives.

I have visited your site many times over the last five years and finally got the picture. There are many people gardening in other people’s back yards. What a wonderful idea! Now I have bees in two back yards and five people are waiting for bees to be placed in their backyards. I stopped treating my bees four years ago – the bees use there own natural comb. My bees have stopped dieing. I now have 10 hives and I’m working towards 50 hives in the city. Kirk Anderson

See Kirk’s web site here.


1 Susan Burger { 02.23.11 at 8:45 pm }

Can you set me up with bees? I want them for my orchard and veggie garden. I live in Malibu.

2 Jeff G { 04.20.11 at 6:34 pm }

I have a bunch of dead bees in my driveway here in Los Feliz and I can’t figure out why. I have heard about colonies of bee dying…could that be the cause or something else?