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Shiitake Mushrooms Emerge at City Farmer’s Garden

Maria’s ‘babies’ have finally arrived in large numbers. Carefully watched and nurtured since April, 2007, these Shiitake mushrooms are ready for harvest. They have grown on oak logs that were culled from Stanley Park after a devastating storm and delivered to us by the Vancouver Park Board. Hard to believe that anyone, that’s us, can grow such wonderful fungi in a city garden.


Photo by Michael Levenston. Link to larger version here.

Thanks to Jim from Vancouver Parks for giving us the Stanley Park oak logs.

Last April, 2007, When the Mushroom Spawn Arrived.

Drilling the Logs for the Shiitake Spawn


1 akie palparan { 09.28.10 at 4:14 pm }

hi!im akie..i need some imformation about shiitake..most especially in “possible adaptation of shiitake in the philippines.

2 Tika Ram Aryal { 01.07.12 at 3:14 am }

Hi ,I am working as same, I am happy to see more information about shiitake in www.

Tika Ram Aryal
Mushroom Researcher and University Lecturer of TU ,Nepal