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Zimbabwe’s Hard-Pressed City Dwellers Cultivate Urban Agriculture

Communal gardening, Zimbabwe.

By Taurai Shava
Gweru, Zimbabwe
Voice of America
25 Nov 2008

“In the past,” he said, “the growing of crops on the small pieces of land in urban areas is something that was looked down upon. For one to be seen going to work on those small fields was degrading. But now raising crops on these small fields has become very important because of the hunger that is stalking most people. Most working people never used to have anything to do with growing crops on these small fields; It was for housewives like myself.

Nowadays, even those people in formal employment are also scrambling for the small pieces of land to farm on. Some even engage other people to work on their pieces of land for them. These small pieces of land have become something very important. Often, there are wrangles over ownership of the small pieces of land. I believe urban agriculture has become a very important activity; virtually everyone now wants a small piece of land to farm on.”

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1 M.O Matshalaga { 08.16.12 at 7:05 am }

Hie! it`s very true it`s wiser to invest in Agriculture.My name is Mr Matshalaga,i reside in Gweru the Midlands province of Zimbabwe.In 2000 my dad bought a 40 acre plot,just 6kms from the city to Lower Gweru some rural areas close to Gweru.So in the process my dad went sick,he had just worked fencing the area,so i now want to carry out my dad`s vision on the plot but i don`t have capacity.Im 34,married with small boys and i want to merge with an interested partner who has got capacity,for market water in the plot as well as structures.Thank you for your support City farmer.

2 Leah { 11.12.12 at 2:44 am }

We are an NGO operating in JHB, South Africa. we are busy preparing a proposal that involve Urban Agriculture.
Is there anyone you can refer us to in the area that can assist us with training, setting up UA operations and mentor the participants for a period. kind regards