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Restaurant opens 2,500-square foot Organic Rooftop Farm – first to be Certified Organic in the USA

Photo: Scott Stewart, Sun-Times. Helen Cameron inspects the veggies growing on the roof of her restaurant. “I come up once a day to see what’s ripe,” she said. Six tons of soil were carried up to the roof. Larger image here.

An uplifting aspiration – Uncommon Ground has reached new heights in its efforts to bring food production back to earth.

By Dave Hoekstra
Chicago Sun-Times
September 3, 2008

In late July the folks at the Uncommon Ground restaurant, 1401 W. Devon, opened their 2,500-square foot organic rooftop farm. The lofty mission is to deliver organic produce for the downstairs restaurant and to use the garden to teach adult volunteers and children how to grow food organically in an urban, roof-top environment.

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December 28, 2008   1 Comment