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Landshare in the UK – Linking people who want to grow their own food to space where they can grow it


What is Landshare?

With allotment waiting lists massively over-subscribed and people right across the country keener than ever to grow their own fruit and veg, the aim for Landshare is to become a UK wide initiative to make British land more productive and fresh local produce more accessible to all. But all of this depends on people like you registering their interest now.

How you could get involved in Landshare

You can register for Landshare in a variety of roles:

You are keen to grow fruit and vegetables either on your own or with other people.

The land you own might be the back garden of your house or a piece of land separate from where you live. It could even be a roof top or car parking space.

You are someone who has seen some land in your local area that may be suitable to be used for growing fruit and vegetables. This might be land that appears to be derelict, or land on a property that is being used by people or an organisation who might consider allowing people to access it to grow fruit and vegetables (e.g. space around a local community hall or church).

You are interested in helping out in your local area by supporting elderly participants and anyone else who might need help to get involved in Landshare. This might be offering to be present at meetings, assist with paperwork, help people who don’t have a computer or computer skills, or even simply be a local contact to give some advice to someone who has never grown fruit and vegetables before.

We will provide more information to everyone as to how Landshare would work in practice, including giving you the ability to further specify how you would like to be involved, before any launch of Landshare.

See the Landshare website here.

Sharing Backyards Program in North America

This UK project looks like it is modeled after a Canadian project named SharingBackyards.

City Farmer initiated the City of Vancouver SharingBackyards site.


1 groxie { 01.15.09 at 8:02 am }

Portland, OR has a resource like this, too:

2 colin porter { 03.12.12 at 5:07 am }

Any garden land for growing in the hatfield woodhouse area ? manynthanks colin