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The Case for Agricultural Urbanism and Municipal Supported Agriculture

Agricultural Urbanism and Municipal Supported Agriculture: A New Food System Path for Sustainable Cities

By Kent Mullinix, Deborah Henderson, Mark Holland,
Janine de la Salle, Edward Porter and Patricia Fleming
White Paper Submitted for the Surrey Regional Econommic Summit 8/30/2008 (12 pages)

Agricultural Urbanism espouses the full integration of agriculture and the food system within the planning, design, development and function of our communities. It is an agri-food system intended to connect urbanites, in real and meaningful ways, to their environment and a human enterprise undeniably crucial to their well- being. It is also a way of reducing vulnerability and dependence on an ecologically unsound and increasingly vulnerable global agri-food system.

Agricultural Urbanism is a significant means to contribute to the advancement of sustainable urban communities (socially, economically and environmentally). In the final analysis, Agricultural Urbanism argues that the agri-food system should be an expected and inherent element of urban land use, planning and sustainable development and presents a framework for such.

See the full 12 page paper here.

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1 erico47 { 02.02.09 at 4:34 am }

Agricultural Urbanism: Permaculture and the TransFarmers (???X)

Agricultural Urbanism / Food Security and Permaculture make a good combination. On individual level, the adaptation of a new lifestyle might just be the change needed to turn a niche idea into the main-stream.

Mr. Naoki Shiomi, is the originator of the “Half-Farmer, Half-X” (???X) concept and authored the book carrying the same title, and founded the “Half-Farmer, Half-X Research Center” at Ayabe, Kyoto, Japan. Half-Farming, Half-X Research Center Official Website

The phrase, “Half-Farmer, Half-X” (???X) is drawing much attention as the new key phrase for a lifestyle, a way of life, for the 21st century. “Half-Farmer” refers to “a lifestyle with a touch of farming,” and the X in “Half-X” refers to an individual’s profession / passion / purpose or social mission or natural calling. The synergy is inspiring / enlightening to the individual’s pursuit of wealth / health / happiness, while making real contributions to the world.

This concept can form an excellent alliance with Permaculture (the most famous Australian cultural export, courtesy of Bill Mollison). By the way, someone once said, to the effect, that if you do not know anything about Permaculture, it is high time you get interested, in the coming convergence of three crises: Food / Fuel / Finance!

Due to its transformational nature of the alliance, I would prefer to call those joining in the movement as TransFarmers ….. transforming themselves, the earth and the world.

Can anyone think of a better single English word for the lifestyle so described?

See more details available at

Eric Y.F. Lim