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Next American City spoke with Despommier about what vertical farms would mean for cities and for the globe.


Meet Farming’s Future

By Hamida Kinge
Feb 19th, 2009
Next American City

The way skeptics see it, Dickson Despommier has a lot of explaining to do: He’s got big plans for the future of farming. By 2050, the planet will have to feed three billion additional mouths, and traditional farms, which threaten food security by deforestation, the use of fossil fuels and ecosystem destruction, will not be able to hack it. Dr. Despommier, an environmental health scientist at Columbia University, believes the answer lies in the vertical farm, a glass-walled structure that can be designed as tall as a typical skyscraper, and can be located inside city bounds or around city limits.

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February 23, 2009   1 Comment

1849 – Chartist cottage at Rosedene – Food garden plot under cultivation.


Photo Credit: © NTPL/Robert Morris

Vegetables growing in the garden at Rosedene the cottage in which early Chartists lived, first occupied in 1849, County Worcestershire. Residents were given a plot of land to cultivate fruit and vegetables to supplement their income, and diet.

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February 23, 2009   1 Comment