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Earth Day at the Vancouver Compost Garden – Honda’s Insight Introduced in Canada


Earth Day
April 22, 2009

Garry Sowerby, who is in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for the record time of driving around the world, visited us at the Vancouver Compost Garden this Earth Day morning, as part of his cross-country trip to introduce the country to Honda’s ‘greenest’ car, the Insight.

Gary says, “We are doing an environmental program called Insight into Canada that hinges on a month-long environmental journey across Canada starting on April 21 in Victoria. The drive will be implemented in a new Honda Insight Hybrid and will see 25 teams of journalists hand the car off over 25 legs on the trek.”

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Webisode features Vancouver’s Sharing Backyards Project

(Wait a few seconds after starting this video. It will say ‘the current item is not currently available’ but it will soon play.)
The 100-mile diet? How about the 100-metre diet? The cheapest way to enjoy local food is to grow it! Share your backyard with others and learn how to grow your own food while developing a self-sustained lifestyle. Link to Food Network here.

Director/Editor: Maayan Cohen
Camera: Maayan Cohen, Galit Mastai

Sharing Backyards

City Farmer’s Vancouver Sharing Backyards web site is featured in this webisode for the new TV show “The 100 Mile Challenge” on the Food Network. Elizabeth Leboe of North Vancouver and Marjorie Carroll, the woman who shares her garden, are featured. Also featured is the man who started Sharing Backyards in Victoria, who built the City Farmer Vancouver Page, a visionary coder, Patrick Hayes. Christopher Hawkins is now coordinating an expansion of Sharing Backyards to many cities in North America.

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Will the introduction of large corporate farms defile the great assets of Urban Agriculture?

Image from Growing in Detroit here

The Maturation of Urban Agriculture

By Marc Couillais
The Where Blog
April 21, 2009

Urban Agriculture is maturing, and like any concerned parent, those of us with a vested interest are worried about the path she will take and the choices she will make in these crucial developmental years. She’s not quite ready to leave home, but she certainly isn’t interested in hanging with the ‘rents all weekend. That corporate bloke has been coming around a lot more lately, whispering sweet nothings in her ear and chumming it up with Dad in the den.

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