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City Farmer worm composting tips

See this video in High Definition. Click here.

We talk ‘worms’ every day of the week at City Farmer at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden – “Where can I buys worms?” “How can I get rid of fruit flies?” “Where can I get a worm bin?” “How much food waste can I add to my worm bin?” and so on.

Lauren answers some of those question in the above six minute video, shot in high definition at the Garden. All the basics are outlined, so if you’ve ever considered composting with worms, watch this video.

Also, watch our simple ‘how-to’ slideshow here. It has been viewed 120,000 times since we put it on-line.

And here is our list of worm suppliers, which we update regularly.

Here’s where we get the wormbins that we use in the City of Vancouver wormbin distribution program.