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Dragonfly Skyscraper Farm – an urban agriculture proposal for New York City


Dragonfly, A Metabolic Farm For Urban Agriculture
New York City 2009
By Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Excerpts from Vincent Callebaut Architectures:

Architecture has to serve a new agriculture and to design for the new social desire for ecologic mutation and food autonomy! The Dragonfly project suggests building a prototype of an urban farm offering a mixed programme of housing, offices and laboratories using ecological engineering, and farming spaces, which are vertically laid out in several floors and partly cultivated by its own inhabitants. This vertical farm utilizes sustainable applications of organic agriculture based on the intensive production varied according to the rhythm of the seasons. This nourishing agriculture is in favour of the reuse of biodegradable waste and the keeping energy and renewable resources for planning of an ecosystemic densification.

In order to conceptualize this project and give our point of view in the ecological and social crisis debates, Dragonfly sets up along the East River at the South edge of the Rooselvelt Island in New York between Manattan’s Island and the Queens’ district. So as to face the land pressure, Dragonfly stretches itself vertically under the shape of a bionic tower relocating a new urban biotope for the fauna and the local flora and recreating a food production auto-managed by the inhabitants in the heart of the Big Apple.


Floor by floor, the tower proposes not only stock farming, ensuring the production of meat, milk, poultry and eggs but also farming grounds, true biological reactors continuously regenerated with organic humus. It diversifies the cultivated varieties to avoid the washing of stratums of soft substratum. Thus, the cultures succeed one another vertically according to their agronomical ability to provide some elements of the ground between the essences that are sowed and harvested. The tower, true living organism, becomes thus metabolic and self-sufficient in water, energy, and bio-fertilizing. Nothing is lost; everything is recyclable to a continuous auto-feeding!

Complete Dragonfly urban farm proposal here at Vincent Callebaut Architectures.


1 gormanwvzb { 05.22.09 at 7:04 am }

This is a great story. I read some more details about it in an article titled “New York’s Dragonfly Concept” at

City Farming is definitely the way of the future!

2 Valentine Emmanuel { 12.03.10 at 11:15 pm }

Better country like Tanzania to learn about urban agriculture from you since you have gone very far in UA