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Self-sufficiency on a barge in New York City – five month project

Renderings by James Halverson of Vancouver based Lux Visual Effects Inc.

The Waterpod

From Time Out New York article
June 4, 2009

“Built atop a refabricated 99′ x 31′ construction barge, the Waterpod is about as DIY as it gets: Living units have been constructed from found or donated materials. Most of the food will be produced onboard; the garden will grow beets, potatoes, corn, raspberry bushes and a variety of greens, and eggs will be available from the six birds in the chicken coop, which also provide fertilizer. All water is acquired through a rainwater-catch system, and bathroom facilities include a dry-compost toilet and a solar-heated shower.

“One thing the Waterpod is not, however, is an exercise in Survivor-style schadenfreude. “It will be quite civilized,” promises Ward, a sculptor who fronts the psychedelic rock band the Ruffian Arms. “We’ll eat with utensils.” Ward took us on a tour of the work-in-progress, admiring its futuristic design. “The Waterpod is utilitarian, but it’s also about creating a space that’s beautiful.”

“On a balmy Saturday afternoon in late May, a consortium of genial, tattooed artists were preparing for a life aquatic. “It’s one big experiment,” said Mary Mattingly of her home for the next four months, over the piercing screech of splitting metal. Mattingly, 30, a Long Island City artist, is a soon-to-be resident of the Waterpod, a multipurpose floating eco-habitat and interactive installation.”

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