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Composer writes song – ‘The Family Farm in My Front Yard’

Photo of Jean Elliott Manning, writer/composer.

Jean Elliott Manning writes, “This song is the finale of an entire musical I’ve written about how an urban lawn becomes a Food Farm. It’s called Daisy and the Wonder Weeds.” The songwriter is looking for a producer.

The Farm in My Front Yard 

By J.E. Manning
SOCAN 2009

Key of G major

Ever since I lost my job, I’m making other plans
Yes, I’m changing my direction,
Now I’m headed for the land
Time to get back to my roots; it shouldn’t be too hard
Walking out my own front door
to the farm in my front yard  

Refrain: Diggy diggy don, do-si-do
         Plant a little seed then watch it grow,
         Eieieioh On the farm in my front yard

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Borage flowers attract pollinators to the garden

Once again Maria takes us up close to insects at the Compost Demonstration Garden. In this video she captures honey bees drinking nectar from Borage

More on Borage here.

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Building Resilient Cities – UA Magazine no. 22


UA Magazine is published two times a year by the Network of Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security (RUAF), under the Cities Farming for the Future Programme, which is financed by DGIS, the Netherlands, and IDRC, Canada.

Issue 22

“Resilient cities are cities that can effectively operate and provide services under conditions of distress. Resilient cities can better absorb the type of shocks and stresses as identified above. Rather than focusing on vulnerability, a focus on resilience means putting emphasis on what can be done by a city or a community itself, building on existing natural, social, political, human, financial, and physical capital, while at the same time strengthening its capacities.

“Urban agriculture can play a role in building more resilient cities. Growing food in cities reduces the dependency on (rural) food supplies, which can easily be affected by disrupted transport, armed conflicts, droughts or flooding and increasing food prices.

[

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