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Sophos Vancouver Rooftop Community Garden – just beginning


by Patricia Tribolet

A wild notion I had to convert the existing flower/dead bush beds on the rooftop of the Sophos Vancouver building into a Vegetable Community Garden shared by anyone at Sophos willing to keep it.

We have aproximately 300 people working in this building as a part of Sophos.

The reason why I started this was because I wanted to grow veggies… I started with small pots on the windows next to my desk on the 5th floor with herbs, tomatoes and peppers.

It was such a success (3 large tall windows) that I proposed this to management and they gave me a$ $200 dollar budget.

I have only really spent about 10 dollars though, the whole point is for this to be sustainable and I will try to keep it this way.

I’m saving it for the organic seeds :-)

I will definitely plant veggies and will encourage that. I cannot make it a veggie garden yet only because winter is coming and I need to see how much this will actually work. In February I will re-assess the plots and re-organize the garden if needed.

Ahead in the future (if this works) is adding proper beds for veggies on the rest of the rooftop, I already have permission from management to expand to the remaining free space on the roof.

Also in the future is composting, we have a kitchen where we have complimentary fruit and other fresh food we would definitely be able to use.

See more at the Sophos Vancouver Rooftop Community Garden website here.


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1 maierhcn { 08.20.09 at 5:35 pm }


This is so similar to what I’m trying to get going in my town, here is Wisconsin.

Check it out if you’d like: