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Mother Earth’s Children – The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables – 1914

“I’ll be grown up,” said Caraway,
“And out of school Thanksgiving Day;
And that’s a good thing, too, ’cause you see,
They can’t make cookies without me.”

100 beautiful illustrations! Highly recommended! (Mike)

By Elizabeth Gordon
Illustrations M.T Ross
P.F. Volland and Co. Chicago

A seed, little friends, is really a plant or a tree all wrapped up in a little brown bundle. If you plant it in the ground it will grow, and when it is old enough it will bear fruit, because God has made it so.

Among all the children of Mother Nature, the fruits and vegetables are probably the most useful to us. Wherever we may go some of these little people are there before us, ready to help us by giving us food and to make life easy and joyous for us.

In your Mother’s garden you will always find many familiar friends; in the fields the graceful Grain children will nod and beckon to you; in the orchard the Fruit children will peep out at you from their leafy homes; along the roadside the gay little Berries will give you a friendly greeting, and in the forest you will find the little wild Grapes climbing trees and playing hide and seek with the Bird children.


The Carrot ladies love to go
To church on Sundays in a row;
And, tall or short, each lady fair
Wears a green feather in her hair.

The Button Mushrooms went to play
With the small Puff Balls one bright day;
They had such glorious heaps of glorious fun,
But all ran home at set of sun.

Little Miss Radish, pretty thing,
Has her birthday in the spring;
She and the little Onions play
Out in the garden all the day.

See this wonderful book of illustrations and verse here.

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1 Rebecca Snow Cleghorn { 07.07.12 at 3:27 pm }

I was looking for E. Gordon’s work. I had her books when I was young and managed to get copies later in life and left them in Virginia when I moved. Her work is so happy and lovely. Thank you for sharing.