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Association of American Geographers calls for papers on urban agriculture


Multiple Geographies of Urban Agriculture in the Global North: Integrating Perspectives from Planning and Design, Ecology, Public Health, and Political Economy

Call for Papers
Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting Washington, DC,
14 – 18 April 2010

Urban Agriculture (UA) is undergoing a renaissance in North American cities. Over the past few years, communities and individuals have launched innumerable initiatives to farm and garden in empty lots, at schools, in back yards, and on roofs and stoops. This renaissance has led seed companies to report record sales, prompted Michelle Obama to plant a model garden at the White House, and motivated municipal governments to open public parks to UA. Far from being a new phenomenon, however, this renewed interest is building on a historical legacy of UA as a critical part of North American urban culture and landscape.

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Permablitz – Eating the suburbs – One backyard at a time

Dan Palmer, the permablitz visionary.
Photo: Shaney Balcombe

Permablitz: new word, noun

1. An event in which volunteers use permaculture principles to transform a suburban garden into a place that produces its own food. A combination of the words permaculture – a design system for sustainable living and land use – and Backyard Blitz a television program in which backyards receive a makeover.

The rules of a permablitz are simple: if you want a permablitz crew to turn up to your place, you have to help out on at least two other working weekends before they will do so. In addition, Palmer defines a permablitz as a day in which “two or more people come together to:

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Fabulous Australian TV gardening show covers urban agriculture stories


Costa’s Garden Odyssey

Six episodes of Season One are now on-line in brilliant colour. See what’s happening in the city of Melbourne. You must see these shows! (Mike)

Examples of stories from the show:

Collingwood is an inner city suburb of Melbourne and it’s the home of the Collingwood Children’s Farm, a special place where children enjoy the opportunity to have some “hands on” experience with farm animals. It’s also a community garden where Costa meets people like 70-year-old Harry Haralambos who grows wonderful produce for his entire family here as well as Joy McGaffrey who introduces Costa to the taste of “Worm Juice”.

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