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Electric Indoor Compost Unit – The Red Dragon

This electric, indoor compost unit comes from Korea. Photo Michael Levenston

The Red Dragon

You plug it in and hook up the exhaust pipe so that it vents outdoors. Then add a sawdust/enzyme mix and 2 litres of water to the machine. That’s it. You can add any food waste AND DOG WASTE to the mix and it will decompose the organic material.

That’s the promise. We are presently testing the machine at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden to see if it lives up to that promise.

Inside empty. Photo Michael Levenston

Addition of sawdust/enzyme mix. Photo Michael Levenston

Addition of 2 litres of water. Photo Michael Levenston

Addition of food scraps. Photo Michael Levenston

Attached are two PDFs from the manufacturer.

This one shows a variety of larger models of the composter, which can be used by commercial food outlets.

The second PDF is a test report on the the composter.

Visit the manufacturer’s website here.


1 robocol { 11.03.09 at 1:08 am }

Looking at the specification the power consumption is stated at 60 kwhr per month or 720 kwhr per year! The last thing we need is a power hungry gadget doing what nature does without any energy input. Composting happens without electricity so why use a device that will increase power consumption at a time when the world needs to drastically reduce it? It’s the sort of madness that has brought us to the perilous state we are now in. I guess it will find a market in North America!

2 johnny { 11.04.09 at 6:28 pm }


My own experience-

Composting, when left on its own to nature, takes a long time it is subjected to climate and weather conditions it is also messy and unhygenic it attracts wild animals and rodents.

If this device is able to speed up the composting cycle, wouldn’t there be benefit if the compost is used agriculturally as fertilizer? Especially if the device is able to compost dogs and cats feces.

Not sure if the energy consumption of the device is quantified as power hungry in comparing to the conventional waste management process with dump trucks and landfill sites.

BC Hydro charges 5.91 cents for kwhr per month. This workout to be $42.48 per 720 kwhr/per year in energy cost for the device-its is about filling a dump truck with 1/4 tanks of fuel truck.


3 simon { 11.27.09 at 9:51 pm }

That is about 3 solar panels needed to take care of the power consumption of this unit. It looks fine to me and I believe overtime, better technologies will appear to offer better energy efficiency for the unit, and better power output for the solar panel.

4 halayc { 03.29.10 at 1:50 pm }

What would accelerate composting and benefit plants is to instantly extract liquid organic fertilizer from the material before throwing it in the compost bin, and I’m making an appliance that simplifies doing that: . An organic liquid nutrient leads to more plant vigor, high yields, and is simple to apply to plants.

5 Buddy { 05.09.10 at 8:07 am }

As the cost for diesel will rise rapidly, local individual solutions and local food production will be the future. There is no doubt about this anymore. So, anything that can help reduce the nessesity for curbside collection of organics makes sense, no? The amount of energy required to “collect, transport and handel” is huge. Not everyone has a backyard. I have been testing an indoor electric composter for over a year. They work and we have not put any organics in our garbage, other then meat for 16 months. This devise takes meat so it has to be worth a look? Change is coming and bigger government to facilitate these changes is not attractive. We must own what we consume and throw away. We have to look at anything that is innovative and creative. It’s about Zero Waste and for the first time the Recycling Council of British Columbia’s annual confernce is about just this.

6 Miguel { 03.15.11 at 3:11 pm }

Nice this machine !! but itI must tell you that this product its not compost! after that then beging the composting process ! its not mature !