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Agroecology/ Urban Farming Certificate/ Degree at Merritt College


The Urban Farming and Agro Ecology program

The Urban Farming and Agro Ecology program provides practical hands-on training for urban and sustainable farming methods, and nursery and food production. Production of an organic and local sustainable food supply is the fastest growing sector of students for work in urban gardens, community-supported agriculture, food systems distribution, native plant growing, or management of food gardens. Most courses are offered at the Environmental Center Self Reliant House or the Landscape Horticulture facilities on campus.

The AS degree in Urban Farming and Agroecology will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the Major course requirements and the General Education requirements. A Certificate will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the major course requirements.

Degree Major/Certificate Requirements

ENVMT 1 Environmental Careers
ENVMT 2 Introduction to Sustainable Environmental Systems
BIOL 13 Principles of Ecology
ENVMT 10 Urban Ecology
ENVMT 11 Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning
ENVMT 30 Ecological Restoration: Uplands
ENVMT 41 Wildlife and Watershed Restoration Gardening
ENVMT 35 Introduction to Urban Agroecology
LANHT 1 Introduction to Landscape Horticulture with Lab
LANHT 1E Introduction to Landscape Horticulture
LANHT 23 Plant Terminology

LANHT 10 Insect Pests
LANHT 11 Plant Diseases and Their Control
LANHT 12 Weeds in the Urban Landscape

LANHT 16 Soil Management
LANHT 17 Irrigation with Lab
LANHT 17E Irrigation
LANHT 19 Plant Nutrition

BUS 10 Introduction to Business
COPED 476F Occupational Work Experience in Environmental Management and
CULIN 216 Introduction to Food Science and Nutrition
ENVMT 18 Environmental Writing
ENVMT 31 Wetlands Restoration
ENVMT 32 Watershed Assessment
ENVMT 33AB Introduction to Creek and Watershed Restoration: General Aspects

ENVMT 33AC Introduction to Creek and Watershed Restoration: General Aspects

ENVMT 40 From Tree to Sea: A Bay Area Environmental Cross
ENVMT 210A-B Environmental Photography and Photo Monitoring I and II
ART 210A-B Environmental Photography and Photo Monitoring I and II

ENVST/BIOL Any Natural History course in the Envst/Biol 60, 70, 80 numbered series
LANHT 21 Horticultural Equipment Operation, Maintenance and Repair
LANHT 24 Plant Propagation
LANHT 25 Nursery Management
LANHT 28A-D Permaculture Design I, II, III, and IV
LANHT 45A-C Mushroom Cultivation I, II, and III
LANHT 203 Greenhouse Operations and Management
LANHT 220 The Edible Landscape
NUTR 10 Nutrition
BIOL 28 Human Nutrition
BIOL 31 Nutrition

Lanht 48OR-OS-OT, Regenerative Design I, II, and III

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