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Cities, Food and Agriculture: Challenges and the way forward


By Henk de Zeeuw and Marielle Dubbeling
Leusden, October 2009
18,000 words

Discussion paper for the Technical Consultation “Agriculture, Food and Cities”, September 24-25, 2009, Rome, jointly organised by Food and Agriculture of the United Nations – Food for the Cities Multi-disciplinary Action (FAO-FCIT) and RUAF Foundation (International Network of Resource centres on Urban Agriculture and Food security)

This policy briefing resulted from the international expert consultation organised by FAO-Food for the Cities (FAO-FCIT ) and RUAF Foundation (24-25 September, 2009, in Rome), attended by some 25 experts on urban food security and urban agriculture from international organisations, including senior staff of FAO, RUAF Foundation, IDRC, CGIAR-Urban Harvest, UN-HABITAT, World Bank, IFAD, Rockefeller Foundation, IWMI, CIRAD, IFPRI, ICLEI, GTZ, Heifer Int., Biodiversity Int., WFP and Milano 2015.

The document discusses urban agriculture in view of the recent food and economic crisis and debates on climate change. It provides evidence-based “food for thought and action” to senior policy makers in member states and relevant UN agencies. The document intends to stimulate and facilitate the development of pro-poor policies for urban and peri-urban agriculture at international, national and city levels.


1. Introduction

2. Cities, food and the urban poor: urgent challenges to build more resilient cities

• Urbanisation, increasing urban poverty and food insecurity
• The impacts of rising food prices
• The impacts of climate change
• Growing scarcity of fresh water and growing pollution of streams
due to disposal of wastewater and solid wastes

3. The importance of urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) for enhancement of urban food security and reduction of urban poverty

• UPA and urban food security and nutrition
• UPA and poverty alleviation and local economic development

4. The importance of urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) for climate change adaptation, sustainable water management
and building resilient cities

• UPA and climate change adaptation
• UPA and sustainable water, wastes and nutrients management

5. The way forward: building more resilient and food secure cities through urban and peri-urban agriculture

• National level
• City level
• International level

See the complete report here.

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