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DIG – Development in Gardening

One of DIG’s first gardens in Dakar, Senegal.

Gardens in Senegal, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Namibia, Nicaragua, Kenya, and Tanzania

We help struggling HIV facilities establish a sustainable resource for food that they can maintain, create stability, and strengthen their community. DIG is the only organization focused on implementing urban micro-gardens to encompass a solution and create self-reliance instead of dependance.

Improved nutrition, food security, micro-enterprise development, home garden extension, personal empowerment, and social change are the focus of DIG’s efforts. Because each garden is unique DIG customizes it’s projects to meet the objectives of the specific facility. These projects often include vegetable diversification where DIG implements highly nutritious but under-utilized produce such as kale, collard greens, and chaya into the growing plan. Upon the harvest of these vegetables, DIG conducts classes on food preparation and how patients can best incorporate them into their diets.

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NPR excerpts – The Education of an Urban Farmer


NPR Excerpt: ‘Farm City’ by Novella Carpenter

From Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter. Copyright 2009 by Novella Carpenter. Published by Penguin Press.

Chapter One

I have a farm on a dead-end street in the ghetto. My back stairs are dotted with chicken turds. Bales of straw come undone in the parking area next to my apartment. I harvest lettuce in an abandoned lot. I awake in the mornings to the sounds of farm animals mingled with my neighbor’s blaring car alarm.

I didn’t always call this place a farm. That didn’t happen until the spring of 2005, when a very special package was delivered to my apartment and changed everything. I remember standing on my deck, waiting for it. While scanning the horizon for the postal jeep, I checked the health of my bee colony. Honeybees buzzed in and out of the hive, their hind legs loaded down with yellow pollen. I caught a whiff of their honey-making on the breeze, mixed with the exhaust from the nearby freeway. I could see the highway, heavy with traffic, from the deck.

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White House plants winter garden under row covers

Home-garden-sized row covers.

Sam Kass preps and plugs the winter garden

By Jane Black
Washington Post
Dec 16, 2009

First, he was profiled in Men’s Health magazine. Then it was People. Now White House assistant chef Sam Kass has taken the first step to small screen stardom. And by small screen, I mean YouTube.

Today, the White House released a video of Kass and Department of Agriculture officials readying the South Lawn garden for winter. A group of what appear to be a dozen volunteers set up hoop houses – a kind of temporary green house – in which staff will grow cold-weather greens for the White House table. The group also plant a cover crop of rye, which will help protect and enrich the soil during the cold months.

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