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Find Fruit – iPhone App


Neighborhood Fruit helps people find and share fruit locally, both backyard bounty and abundance on public lands – 10,000 trees nationwide and counting!

Neighborhood Fruit was created to make use of the abundant fruit growing in our urban environments. Currently, the bulk of fruit grown in backyards and in our cities goes to waste, while the fruit we consume is grown in water-intensive orchards far from our homes. We envision a different future, where the bulk of backyard fruit is utilized and shared between neighbors and our diets replete with home-made goodies. Join us in creating a future where the food we eat is truly fresh, seasonal and local!

iPhone App Find Fruit

Introducing Find Fruit, your mobile companion of! Locate fruit trees on public land on the go!
Looking for local blackberries for a pie? Want to smell fruit blossoms on a romantic walk? Interested to learn fun facts about common edible plants? Want to find fruit on the go in many metropolitan areas nationwide? Feel like organizing a fruit picking adventure in your neighborhood?

Find Fruit unlocks cities, enabling you to explore in new ways. Instead of being trapped in the concrete jungle, this app is your key to the edible urban forest! Find Fruit helps you find fresh fruit growing down the street and learn more about fruit trees.


Location of thousands of trees on public land nationwide on a standard Google Map.

Current location or zipcode/address enabled search.

Directions from your current location.

Configurable fruit tree search by seasonality, type of tree, proximity, and number of trees displayed.

Usage, description and factoids for all available fruit types, ranging from the pedestrian Apple, to the exotic Yellow Mangosteen!

Beautiful and informative illustrations to help identify the fruit.

Intuitive and fun interface!

Visit Neighborhood Fruit’s web site here.

And their iPhone app here.

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