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Bugs Bunny steals Victory Garden produce – Buckaroo Bugs

Buckaroo Bugs – 1944 cartoon

There’s trouble in the San Fernando Alley! The Masked Marauder has stolen an entire supply of carrots from the townspeople’s victory garden! Who is the Masked Marauder, you ask? Why, it’s “Buckaroo Bugs”! And who will stop this pesky wabbit?! Red Hot Ryder, that’s who! (Uh, yeah. Right.)

“He got away with everything.”

“What did he get, all the money from the bank?”

“No, all the carrots from our Victory Garden.”

“The sidewinding bushwacker.”

Buckaroo Bugs is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon short released in August 1944, starring Bugs Bunny and directed by Robert Clampett. It runs for about nine minutes, and is in color with a mono sound mix. This is the only short in which Bugs Bunny served as a bona fide villain; while his shorts often portray him as mischievous and violent, he is never actually malicious and is, for the most part, acting as such in self-defense against an aggressor.

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