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City Farmer shines a positive light on the environmental movement during the Olympics

Sharon and Michael, of Vancouver’s Compost Demonstration Garden, take us on a tour of their site, including the various new technologies that make composting, gardening and greening more urban home friendly.

Positively Green

By Katrina Prescott
February 23, 2010

Through W2 we will be broadcasting shows focused on the environment during the Olympics (and hopefully beyond).

Our vision is to create a daily broadcast in which we will shine a positive light on the environmental movement of visions and solutions. We are looking to send out a positive empowering message of how people are taking initiatives into their own hands to tackle their concerns and create their visions. We want to leave the viewers empowered about how easy it is to be green, what they can do/change in their daily lives to have lower their carbon footprint.

We are looking for individuals, grassroots organizations, community groups, etc. who are taking action during the Olympics and in their daily lives and who are able to inspire those who feel overwhelmed about what they can do.

Think of: any action taken during the Olympics concerning the environment, people who have formed grassroots groups to tackle local issues.

Communities and individuals who: are using energy and water efficiently, control waste, compost, reduce their GHG emissions, urban farming, etc.

See their Youtube website here.