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Fashionista Farm Girls Sowing Rice & Riches In Tokyo


Shiho Fujita, 24, established the “Nogyaru” (farm gals) Project

by Elizah Leigh
Green Wala
March 03 2010


Working the earth with your own two hands isn’t exactly the type of activity that many of us would choose to don our Sunday best for. It probably wouldn’t even occur to most people to bother primping or preening because it’s not as if the crops really care how you look. Farming is a dirty business after all, with dust swirling in the air, the sun beating down on your neck and endless acres to plow, fertilize, weed, water and harvest. Breaking a sweat is just part of the process but Japanese model, singer and fashionista farm girl pioneer Shiho Fujita is intent on proving that you don’t have to be schlumpy to show the land who’s boss. Why would a twenty-something have any interest in digging in the dirt? Her motivation happens to be one part damage control, one part fresh green entrepreneurial spirit.

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