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CBC Radio talks with The Cutting Veg and Young Urban Farmers


Young Urban Farmers

The YUF garden system incorporates two styles of gardening: rasied garden beds and direct in-ground gardening. This allows us to utilize the best of both worlds to grow a variety of delicious produce.

Our raised bed planter measures 4×4 feet and is assembed in attractive, organized grids. This setup allows for 16 square feet of planting space, and a wide array of plants. Within each square a different type of plant can be planted, however it is recommended to choose your top 4 or 5 favourite fruits, vegetables or herbs to get a full harvest of each type.

Our direct in-ground garden setup is the chance or you to grow things not fully suited for the raised bed or experiment with something new. Vegetables like zucchinis, sunchokes, asparagus, carrots, and more are especially suited for the in-ground setup.

All of our garden solutions include everything you need to get started. This includes the materials and creation of the raised bed, our unique YUF soil mix, the seeds and transplants, and any additional options you may have chosen. It’s as easy as calling us to arrange for an estimate at your place and then choosing the produce you want to grow.

Hear the CBC interview here.

Visit their website here.

The Cutting Veg

Rooted in Organic farming, The Cutting Veg runs a variety of programs aimed at cultivating personal, social, environmental, and economic health. In addition to growing and distributing Organic Produce, we also run the Global Garlic Project, growing over a dozen varieties of garlic from around the world. Through our Food Coaching services, TCV offers garden & composting project support, educational workshops & urban farming internships, and food-career counselling. TCV also offers one-on-one Wellness Counselling for individuals who want to take steps forward with their health and happiness.

The Cutting Veg grows over a dozen varieties of garlic from various places in the world.


Starting with 100 bulbs in 2005, The Cutting Veg has built up its volume of seed stock steadily over the years to the point of a harvest of 20,000 bulbs in 2010. The Cutting Veg chooses to focus on garlic for a variety of reasons, including its health promoting qualities, tastiness, storability, and seed diversity preservation. If you are interested in learning more about the different varieties, and how they differ in taste, size, and cloves per bulb, please visit our Varieties Available page.

Hear the CBC interview here.

Visit their website here.