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Graphic novel ‘Sword of My Mouth’ set in an imaginary burned-out Detroit where some survive by urban farming


The Freaky Farmstead

A stand-alone story continuing on from the acclaimed graphic novel Therefore Repent!, Sword of My Mouth moves the focus from Chicago, under siege by angels with machine guns, to the urban prairie of Detroit. Folks in the D have banded together to turn land with burned-out crackhouses into farming tracts, and seem to be on a road to self-sufficiency… until Famine rides into town.


“If you love tales of the apocalypse but want something smarter and more character-driven… you must read this comic.”
— Annalee Newitz,

Sword of My Mouth is beautifully drawn and deals with a post-rapture urban environment that’s filled with machine-gun wielding angels, men with skeleton hands, various mutations, babies with huge teeth, and sustainable farming. It’s pretty much got it all.”
— Kelly McClure,


What with the urban farming theme and spring being here and all, we figured it’d be fun to make seed packets marketed for the post-Rapture world — ones that don’t need the light of God to grow.


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