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Buffalo’s Public Market to have 70 growing beds on rooftop

“All of the 70 boxes – with the help of WNY Americorps will be finished on Tuesday – we should have 18 built by Saturday. They will be built and filled with top quality compost ready to go next week.”

The Broadway Market: Moving Forward

Todd Schoepflin
Buffalo Rising
May 5, 2010 8:2

Tom Kerr has been executive director of Broadway Market

“Tom was especially enthusiastic about plans for a roof garden. The market is looking to connect with families, individuals, and community groups to become “plot owners.” The market will provide materials along with educational workshops on seeding, planting, fertilizers, pest management, pickling and canning. Owners will have the option to sell their harvest at the market. There is already a commitment to more than a dozen gardening plots.

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The Digital Garden on Leetsdale


Community-permaculture garden hybrid that is infused with digital media in Glendale, Colorado

By Leo Kacenjar,
The Wild Green Yonder
Mar 25, 2010


The Digital Garden on Leetsdale is an experimental space that works to combine the positive environmental and individually empowering effects of a community garden with the discursive potential of digital media. The goal will be that digital installations like a wireless hub, computing lab, online communal space (content management system) and various thematic digital art pieces, in combination with a working sustainability park and community garden, will bolster dialogue. Sustainable structures, serving as common area and storage will be functional testaments to environmentally friendly building techniques. The conversational potential of this juxtaposition promises to be beneficial and unique. Topics like sustainable design, networked civic engagement, and urban reclamation will all arise in context of the green space.

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Imogen Heap – live improvisation for Urban Farming


Live improvisation charity downloads

Each night of her tour, Imogen records a completely improvised song. These songs are then made available as digital downloads shortly after the shows. All proceeds from sales go to local charities.

Listen to her song here.

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Urban farming: A way out of the job market in Nigeria

Kitchen garden, Nigeria. See larger image here.

One place where urban farming can easily be noticed in the country is Lagos

By Chioma Pius
Nigerian Compass
28 May, 2010


All seasons the year round, the place is ever green. It cuts the picture of a well cultivated and taken care of green belt. And almost round the clock, an array of workers scurry about bearing water cans, their brown bodies glistering with sweat.

The crowd on this belt however varies in composition depending on the time of the day. Some women could be sighted holding heated discussions with their male counterparts. Which ever way one looks at it, the fact remains that a bustling business holds here daily. Welcome to a part of the Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State where urban farming thrives.

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Future Farm City

See video of the project here.

Growing Opportunities for Urban Agriculture

Future Farm City
Knowlton School of Architecture
May 17th – June4th

FUTURE FARM CITY: Growing Opportunities for Urban Agriculture
Design Research led by Brian Holland, KSA LeFevre Fellow 2009-10(with ARCH 844 and LARCH 644)

Over the last half-century, changes in American farming practices and urban development patterns have achieved near total territorial and cultural segregation between the activities of food production and consumption. In particular, the agricultural regions of the Midwest are often characterized by dense monocultures of commodity crops and fragmented communities of part-time farmers who often must sell their land to pay the bills, or commute to nearby towns and cities to seek additional work. Meanwhile, urban dwellers often possess little understanding of where their food comes from or how it is produced.

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