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Chef Andrea Carlson discusses using fava beans in different dishes

Bishops’s Executive Chef Andrea Carlson talks with Maria about fava beans

Maria loves to cook with the ingredients she grows in our Compost Demonstration Garden. What a treat to be able to chat about different recipes with the Executive Chef of one of Vancouver’s famous restaurants.

Andrea Carlson is Executive Chef at Bishops Restaurant in Vancouver. The restaurant is recognized for its delicious food and its efforts to support organic, local farming.

They stopped to look at Maria’s large crop of fava or broad beans and exchanged knowledge about the plant.

Maria happily gave Andrea some fresh sage, bay leaves and lovage from our garden to take back to her restaurant kitchen just a few blocks away.

Just another wonderful day in the life of city farmers!

Bishops Restaurant in Vancouver.

About fava beans on Wikipedia here.

Some fava bean recipes here.

Andrea’s Bio from Bishops’ Website:

Andrea Carlson—Executive Chef
Ms. Andrea Carlson

Chef and gardener – at first glance, one wonders what these two seemingly diverse fields have in common. In the instance of Bishop’s Executive Chef Andrea Carlson, they represent two aspects of her passion for cuisine based on the fresh, organic, seasonal and local ingredients.

A graduate of the Dubrulle Culinary School (now part of the Art Institute of Vancouver), Chef Carlson honed her culinary skills under Executive Chef Rob Clark at Vancouver’s famed C Restaurant, first as a pastry chef and later as Sous Chef. While at C Restaurant, she pursued her interest in plants and gardens by taking courses in landscape design. From C, she moved to Victoria to work under Chef Edward Tuscon at the multi-awarded Sooke Harbour House with its famed edible landscape.

While you can take a gardener away from the garden and put them in a kitchen, you can’t take the passion for growing out of the gardener who happens to be a chef. The experience at Sooke Harbour House, with its extensive garden and commitment to organics, led Chef Carlson to take courses on organic farming. A stint of ‘woofing’ (willing workers on organic farms) saw her designing and installing a kitchen garden for the on-site restaurant at the Tofino Botanical Garden – an opportunity to combine both her interests.

The time at Sooke reinforced Chef Carlson’s passion for local, organic ingredients grown and produced in a sustainable manner. The next step in her career was an easy one – back to Vancouver as Chef de Cuisine at Raincity Grill, a restaurant also dedicated to local and seasonal cuisine. While there, Chef Carlson created the first-ever restaurant menu in Vancouver based on the 100-Mile Diet. During her Raincity tenure, the restaurant became known for its variations on the 100-Mile Menu and its many seasonal menus highlighting local produce at its peak of perfection.

In 2007, Chef Carlson jumped at the chance to become Executive Chef for the legendary John Bishop at his eponymous restaurant. Chef Carlson brings her next-generation sensibilities to the ‘locavore’ movement started by Mr. Bishop more than 20 years ago. It’s a match made in heaven.