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Most productive urban commercial farms located in Burnaby BC

Urban farmer tending his crops in Burnaby BC. See the larger image here. Photo by Michael Levenston.

Chinese market farms in the Big Bend area

Extremely productive Chinese market farms, (today’s urban agriculture ‘commercial’ farms) thrive in the City of Burnaby’s Big Bend area. You can drive along Marine Way today, through residential neighbourhoods, and stop at Sun Tai Sang Farm (4886 SE Marine Dr), Hop On Farms (5400 Marine Dr.), Wing Wong’s Nursery (4978 Marine Dr.) to buy both wonderful flowers and local vegetables. These farms and others in the area may be the longest running ‘commercial’ urban farms in North America. They are models of intensive growing that can boast more than 100 years of experience and success.

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Guardian feature story – ‘Detroit was the fastest-growing city in the world. It’s also the fastest to dissapear’

Video accompanying article here. Spurred by a crisis in the auto industry, around a third of Detroit has fallen into ruin. Now community groups are taking over derelict lots for use as community gardens and small-holdings.

Detroit – symbol of urban decay

Detroit was once the engine of America’s automotive industry. Today it is a symbol of urban decay. But a daring bid to return the land to farming is sowing seeds of recovery – and could be a template for cities across the world

By Paul Harris – Feature Story
The Guardian – The Observer Magazine
July 11, 2010


Mark Covington, 38, is one of those 21st-century pioneers, though he stumbled on his role almost by accident. Finding himself unemployed after losing his job as an environmental engineer and living back with his mother two years ago, he started tidying up an empty lot near his Georgia Street home, planting vegetables and allowing local people to harvest them for free.

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Toronto’s Urban Harvest – an urban agriculture store


Urban Harvest Store

Posted by Annia V
July 10, 2010


Urban Harvest was the first urban agriculture business of its kind in Toronto, long before organic became a supermarket staple, specializing in ecologically sustainable garden alternatives.

Owner Colette Murphy has been at the forefront of the grow-your-own-food movement since the late nineties, when she was inspired by the lack of heirloom (open-pollinated, non-hybridized plants) and organic options available in the market. What may have started as a grassroots mission to supply Torontonians with locally harvested plants and seeds has since evolved into one which promotes stewardship of the land through greater farming consciousness.

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