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1,000 New Gardens Missoula, Montana

1,000 New Gardens

1,000 New Gardens is a network of aspiring green thumbs in Missoula, Montana who are interested in sharecropping, canning, pickling and growing organic vegetables together. We are encouraging the conversion (of lawn space in people’s back and front yards) into productive sustenance patches. Volunteers are helping to organize events centered around beginning gardeners, including Seed Ordering potlucks and Dig Days. In 2010, our goal is to attract 40 new gardeners to the network.

Volunteers in-action, reciting the 1,000 New Gardens Oath:

I, state your name, with my hand in the soil, pledge to cherish, protect, and heal the earth. to create a better world for all; to begin right now; to strengthen the feelings of self-reliance, community, and gardening; to inspire a new generation to use their green thumbs for better health, nutrition and community. We are one people, we have one common dream, we share one planet, we are responsible for the future. WE ARE GARDENERS!!!

See their website here.

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1 Sherry Lewis-Peterson { 08.12.11 at 6:20 am }

Can I legally sharecrop animals for a new pre k-12 non profit private school I am starting in the Flathead?????