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Terrace gardening, the organic way in Bangalore, India

Banashankari resident Jagadish Shri set up his own terrace garden where he grows organic vegetables like beans and carrots. Photoby Chetan Boray.

Does growing vegetables on your rooftop seem a bit far-stretched? Meet Banashankari resident Jagadish Shri who does exactly this with his own organic terrace garden.

By Vinita
Citizen Matters
August 13, 2010


Meet 44-year-old Jagadish Shri, whose entry into organic terrace gardening more than a year ago was, well…organic! Having set up a rainwater harvesting (RWH) system at his independent house in Banashankari 2nd stage, he was wondering what he could experiment with next. He was also concerned about the high pricing of organic food, when a visitor to his blog pointed him to organic terrace gardening and a company that helps set up such gardens.

On visiting the company’s office off of Bannerghatta Road and seeing their terrace garden, he was spurred to begin his own experiment. “Healthy food locally produced without incurring any transportation carbon miles was the primary reason to get started on this journey”, says Shri, who works as a technical manager at Wipro Technologies in Madiwala.

In August 2009 he set up his 40 sq ft organic vegetable terrace garden, where he now grows beans, ladiesfinger, carrot, knolkhol (Kohlrabi) and brinjal. He uses these vegetables in his own kitchen.

One of the many interesting aspects of this garden is the use of two different types of containers. Initially, being unable to use the boxes Shri purchased, from the company near Bannerghatta Road, due to their interference with his RWH system, he began with 22 regular earthen pots that he placed in a sunny patch on the terrace.

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1 Maria { 09.18.11 at 11:26 pm }

I would love to start up a organic garden. How should i go about? Where can i get the seeds (for brinjals, ladies finger, beans etc…). And what are the tips (sunlight, containers to be used etc..) Pls advise.

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