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Mobile Ethnic Garden at Harvard

A garden on wheels designed by Christina Cho

By Rachel Johnson
From Green Harvard
“A Moveable Feast”
June 24, 2010


A garden on wheels may soon be rolling up to your department or dorm, thanks to GSD student Christina Cho. The project, undertaken this spring with the support of an OFS Sustainability Grant, combines food, public art, and community gardening into a unique setting: the Mobile Ethnic Garden.

Working on an assignment for an MIT course called Public Art: Issues in Spatial Cultural Identity, Cho started from the idea that food is a great way of understanding different cultures. She wanted to create a space that would bring Harvard’s community together not only around eating but growing diverse kinds of food—and came up with a garden that actually comes to the community. She designed a network of raised planter beds set on wheels that can be easily transported and fit together in multiple arrangements. The beds double as benches, offering visitors a way to gather and interact. Plus, the format benefits plants as well as people: the garden’s mobility means that it can maximize sunlight and raised beds reduce soil compaction and improve water conservation and drainage.

See the complete article here.

See Christina Cho’s blog with more photos here.


1 Melody Paige { 02.05.11 at 2:51 pm }

Christina, Bravo for your encouraging idea and design which will benefit your generation for their lifetime. Besides the benefits of sustainability, playing in the dirt is good for the soul and the immune system. Keep up the good work!

2 Jeremy Merrill { 05.31.11 at 12:29 pm }

This is a fantastic little gem of a garden. Why start with the petunias when you can roll up in a whole temporary edible installation. Shock and Awe Slaw.