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The White Dragon – a mid-scale electric composter

Video shows us adding restaurant food scraps to the Dragon.

Trying out a mid-scale composter at our Compost Garden in Vancouver

We finally started up the White Dragon composter and have been adding garbage bins full of food scraps to it from a local restaurant for the past three weeks. We’ve successfully been using its younger brother, the Red Dragon, a smaller, family sized bin, for the past 12 months. Both bins change food scraps into compost in 24 hours using microbes in a heated holding tank in which stirring wings mix the material a few times every hour.

The White Dragon Making Compost

The photos attached show the White Dragon in its handsome wooden shed; microbes in sawdust about to enter the Dragon as inoculants; a scale for weighing the food scraps; collection bins behind Bishops restaurant two blocks away; and the delivery of the organic waste.








Over the next 12 months, we will be measuring the electricity used by the machine, the weight of the food scraps fed to it and the weight of the finished compost removed from the machine. We will also be looking at the finished compost quality, and any odour issues or noise.

Visit the manufacturer’s website here.

See the Red Dragon at our garden here.

And here.


1 Albert Cheung { 10.08.10 at 4:06 am }

Dear Sir,

Can I buy the microbes from your company and how much does it cost?

2 ray { 01.03.11 at 6:17 am }

just wondering where you are located? ive had a similar idea that i may like to share with you. maybe your ideas could help me to where i start. just wanted to touch base with someone with similar thoughts of where to take our waste products. thanks ray

3 Ken.G { 12.12.11 at 9:36 am }

Wow, I work at a hotel and I’m surprised more hotels don’t purchase these machines. A hotel with a golf course could use ALL of the compost for landscaping.