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On Madison’s Resilience Research Center site, thirty to fifty green jobs will come


Pay Dirt – A resilient plot of land on the city’s south side will soon grow jobs and a whole lot more

By Maggie Ginsberg-Shutz
Madison Magazine
August 2010


Imagine a self-contained, highly productive, culturally rich food and community utopia. Four acres, every square inch of it in sustainable use, right here in the city. Hoop houses arched protectively over beds of vegetables throughout the winter, edible perennials shaded by nut trees all summer long, ponds filled with farm fish whose waste is anything but, feeding the floating beds of plants above. Imagine a middle school where students, rather than sitting through six, fifty-minute classes, spend the day putting their hands on projects that integrate all subjects.

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On the road – looking for urban agriculture stories

Andrew on left.

Andrew Plotsky visits the farmers

I am looking for young farmers and urban agricultural projects to visit, to learn about and document. Using photographs, essays and videos, it is my intention to share the stories of the people who are taking initiative and making these projects happen.

I am interested in Doers. People who are passionate, whose eyes glow when talking about their trade. People whose hands have been callused and will continue to harden with the labor of growing food and growing a movement. I’m looking for people who are Movers, who understand the importance of community and personal interaction. People who are living out their dreams, who are not afraid to go for It and see what happens.

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