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Dickson Despommier speaks about The Vertical Farm

The Vertical Farm, Despommier’s new book

“The time is at hand for us to learn how to safely grow our food inside environmentally controlled multistory buildings within urban centers. If we do not, then in just another 50 years, the next 3 billion people will surely go hungry, and the world will become a much more unpleasant place in which to live.” – The Vertical Farm.

Link here.

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1 Dr. Fahmy { 10.17.10 at 2:55 pm }

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How wonderful this application is. Egypt too needs it. Despite its excessive land space the country suffers from sever water limitation. The good idea here is to recycle everything, including irrigation water that leaves the system as drainage water that should be reclaimed and reused. This idea is applicable in Egypt only at one price: to replace the Egyptian population by another that thinks like Dr. Dixon Despommier. O.K., maybe by the 35th century by the return of some Egyptian from Mars
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