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Another flash from the past – Canadian Press 1981 – “Urban vegetable growth is unlimited”


City Farmer, an ‘Office of Urban Agriculture’, the forerunner to what will eventually be a standard resource in every city

Canadian Press (CP)
Brandon Sun
July 21, 1981

Vancouver(CP) – Where do you grow vegetables when you live in an apartment? On your balcony, patio or roof, of course.

Instead of nasturtiums and sweet peas, you can plant lettuce and carrots; cucumbers can climb up the wall instead of inedible ivy. And if you don’t have a balcony and the rood isn’t suitable, there’s always a window for a box of fresh herbs.

“There’s no limit to what you can grow in a container,” said David Tarrant, educational coordinator of the Botanical Gardens at the University of British Columbia.

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Seattle’s Dept. of Planning and Development publishes Urban Agriculture Client Assistance Memo


CAM 244, Urban Agriculture, 10/20/2010 – (CAMs): User-friendly guides to Seattle’s land use

Client Assistance Memos (CAMs) are designed to provide user-friendly information on the range of City permitting, land use and code compliance policies and procedures you may encounter while conducting business with the City.

Urban agriculture can be loosely defined as growing plants and raising animals within and around cities. In August 2010, the Seattle City Council voted to expand opportunities for urban agriculture in the City of Seattle. These code changes help create a more sustainable and secure local food system by increasing opportunities to grow and sell food in all zones.

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