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Beehive Tower by Rory Newel & Lucy Richardson


The hexagonal mega structural lattice – a strong theme of food and flower harvesting

The 220m high Beehive Tower on Heron Quay is inspired by natural beehives, particularly the hexagonal forms of the honeycomb. The ‘Hive’ aims to establish within Canary Wharf a community of city dwellers who love gardening. With a strong theme of food and flower harvesting, the hexagonal mega structural lattice of this tower provides a system in which residential villages and adjacent central greenhouse spaces can provide community interaction.

Each hexagon is 8 stories high, containing 8 duplex apartments. As the geometry rises, some of the hex cavities are dedicated to gardening, and face in different directions, so each element gets a fair share of sun. The crown of fourteen Quiet Revolution QR12 turbines produces 420,000kWh per annum, whilst rainwater collection and perma-culture occur within each hexagonal village. The ‘Hive’ is as much an exploration of sustainable social lifestyles and food sourcing in the city as it is of the technology of environmental tall buildings.

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