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Professor C J Lim’s book “Smart-cities and Eco-warriors” highlights urban agriculture


Smartcities and Eco-Warriors

By CJ Lim, Ed Liu

Unchecked growth of our cities at the expense of agricultural land is threatening food security and sustainable urban development worldwide. Reframing the way people think about urban green space and the evolution of cities, CJ Lim explores how the notion of the smartcity can reintegrate agricultural practices and cultivated land within urban environments. The hybridization of agriculture and establishment of the city-dwelling farmer can lead to an association that is symbiotic, reducing carbon emissions and food shortage, in addition to less tangible but equally significant environmental and social benefits.

Professor C J Lim (UCL Bartlett School of Architecture) speaks about his work and urban farming.

From the Preface:

“The central component of the Smartcity is urban agriculture and the establishment of an ecological symbiosis between nature and built form. Over human history, agrarian economies have been replaced by industrial economies that have in turn been supplanted by post-industrial economies. The Smartcity postulates that the next and final stage of evolution can only be a circular economy that subsumes agriculture, energy and industry into co-dependency and self-perpetuation.”

Photo from the book.


1. Urban Agriculture: Guangming Smartcity China  A Lexicon Of The Smartcity Neology

2. Urban Agriculture: Daejeon Urban Renaissance Masterplan Korea

3. Urban Agriculture: Central Open Space: MAC Korea

4. Urban Agriculture: Nordhavnen Smartcity Denmark

5. Urban Agriculture: Tomato Exchange UK

6. Urban Agriculture: Dongyi Wan East Waterfront China

7. Urban Agriculture: Dusable Park USA

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1 Mark Allen { 11.18.10 at 6:25 am }

Where can we buy the book

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Amazon has it.