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Denmark’s oval community gardens


Nærum Allotment Gardens

By Annemarie Lund

Nærum Allotment Gardens in Denmark, are considered one of C. Th. Sørensen’s most important creations. In 1948 40 oval allotment gardens, each measuring c.25 × 15 m/80 × 50 ft, were laid out on a rolling lawn, a common green, in a fluid progression. The gardens are mostly placed so that the oval lies across the curves of the slope. This use of the rolling terrain, combined with the sweeps and curves of the hedges, accentuates the dynamic impression. The individual garden plots are enclosed compartments surrounded by hedges; their cottages may be situated in different ways, but comply with the overall plan.

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November 19, 2010   1 Comment

The Rise of the Lazy Locavore


Why grow your own food when you can kick your feet up and watch somebody else farm your backyard?

By Katy McLaughlin
Wall Street Journal
Nov 13, 2010


James Lucal in Seattle has them all beat. He not only brings home the local produce, he got a local to grow it for him directly outside his home. And yet he spent almost nothing for this luxury, and lifted not so much as a trowel to make it happen.

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Steve Mouzon’s SmartDwelling 1 – The Kitchen Garden


SmartDwelling 1 is designed for a specific region, the American Gulf Coast

By Steve Mouzon
The Original Green
June 9, 2009


The Kitchen Garden is the one part of SmartDwelling I that a few people look at and say “you can’t be serious!” For them, buying food at the grocery store is simply too ingrained in their version of modern life to ever consider raising any appreciable portion of their own food. And make no mistake about it… the areas devoted to food in SmartDwelling I would likely provide most, if not all, of the food needed by a family of three or four for an entire year, assuming you used the space efficiently.

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November 19, 2010   2 Comments

Another great view of the “Biggest Rooftop Farm on the Planet”

Brooklyn Grange

By Dulce Fernandes and Chris Hunt


“At the end of the first season, Ecocentric returned to the Grange to take in the view, admire the vegetables and catch up with Gwen Schantz. Check out the interview to hear her thoughts about roofs, urban ag and plans for the future.”

Link to website here.

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