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Backyard farming fight has high stakes countrywide


Our values have to be decided by the public

By Derek Spalding,
Nanaimo Daily news
November 26, 2010


The shutdown of a rural farm on residential property in Lantzville has sent ripples through the urban farming network across the country.

Bylaw officers ordered Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw to stop growing food on their Fernmar Road farm because it violated home-business regulations that do not include agriculture. Lantzville politicians say they want to grant Becker and Shaw a temporary-use permit while they consult the community about zoning regulations and urban farming.

Local food production advocates from across Canada will be watching this saga play out as it could set a precedent for the sustainability movement that has taken hold in communities in nearly every province. Health experts say there is little to no risk involved with growing food in backyards for public consumption, but many municipal bylaws do not include agriculture in residential zoning. As more people grow food close to home, there may be a need to change the outdated regulations, say leaders in the urban farming community.

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Photos of the farm here.

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1 jean elliott manning { 11.26.10 at 8:47 pm }

How can we help? I’m here in Montreal, I’ve written a musical about this very thing. Would love to help you in some way.

Blooming, Jean Manning

2 Paul Hughes { 11.27.10 at 12:45 am }

Paul Hughes (CLUCK) vs The Queen: Canadian Right to Food Trial

Brief from the City of Calgary against Right to Food, Household Food Security, Personal Food Security, Urban Chickens & Local Sustainable Food Systems

Find brief here: