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Vancouver’s FarmCity builds your raised beds for you

After the yard renovation: we turned the space into a gourmet’s dream: a place to grow fresh veggies and herbs, just footsteps from the kitchen!

FarmCity Food Garden Construction

The photo above: Our clients had a perfectly nice back yard – a small patch of lawn and a few trees behind their half of a recently-built duplex. But they never used the space except to dutifully mow the lawn or rake the leaves. What they really love doing is cooking – so they dreamed instead of a gourmet’s kitchen garden: fresh veggies and herbs, just steps from their kitchen!

Our job was to make this possible – so we built 4 raised beds, comprising some 115 square feet of growing space (that’s a lot of fresh greens, herbs and veggies!). And because it would be a hassle to mow between the beds, we installed river rock paths.

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November 29, 2010   1 Comment