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Vancouver’s FarmCity builds your raised beds for you

After the yard renovation: we turned the space into a gourmet’s dream: a place to grow fresh veggies and herbs, just footsteps from the kitchen!

FarmCity Food Garden Construction

The photo above: Our clients had a perfectly nice back yard – a small patch of lawn and a few trees behind their half of a recently-built duplex. But they never used the space except to dutifully mow the lawn or rake the leaves. What they really love doing is cooking – so they dreamed instead of a gourmet’s kitchen garden: fresh veggies and herbs, just steps from their kitchen!

Our job was to make this possible – so we built 4 raised beds, comprising some 115 square feet of growing space (that’s a lot of fresh greens, herbs and veggies!). And because it would be a hassle to mow between the beds, we installed river rock paths.

FarmCity Food Garden Construction serves the urban gardener – from beginners to the most experienced green thumbs. Our aim is to do the heavy work of getting you started growing your own organic veggies and fruit in whatever space you have available, from large backyards to balconies and other small garden spaces.

Raised Beds

The backbone of a good vegetable garden in the Lower Mainland is raised beds: they allow for much better drainage, in our wet climate, than beds simply dug into the existing soil; they promote efficient, intensive gardening; and when combined with rotating your crops each year, they help to keep plant pests and diseases in check, so that the food you produce can be fully and safely organic! When we build you a raised bed or beds, we also include a one-hour follow-up visit (no extra charge), to help you decide how to plant your new bed, or to offer ideas and advice on your garden as it grows – whatever you feel you’d like a little help on.


Photo above: On a street where bikes pass all the time and neighbours chat – we built a series of raised beds on the front boulevard. Replacing weedy grass and depleted soil are rich garden beds awaiting planting: it’s late August and it’s time to plant winter crops such as broccoli, kale, and cabbages. And there’s still time this season to raise a quick harvest of lettuces and radishes.

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1 Tom Sullivan { 11.30.10 at 3:21 pm }

This is an awesome project and quite good looking too. I am curious about the type wood you used for the forms and the guarantee you gave for their longevity?