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Successful Kelowna SPIN farm uses only a half acre – 24,643 square feet


Green City Acres is comprised of 10 small and large farm sites

Green City Acres is a pedal powered urban farming/edible landscaping company dedicated to sustainable food production. We utilize back yards and urban spaces to grow organic produce for local distribution. All of our farming operations including farm maintenance, transportation of crops, restaurant deliveries, weekly farmers markets, and moving of our 300 lb. rototiller, are all done with our bikes and trailers. Our mission is to foster social and environmental change through the production of local organic food, with minimal use of fossil fuels, and to help, teach, and empower people to start growing their own.

Weekly farmers market, and restaurant sales.

We are at the Kelowna farmers market every Saturday and Wednesday. Right now we’re producing a lot of salad greens like red and green leaf lettuce, spinach, rouge d’hiver, red deer tongue, kale, swiss chard, mizuna, arugula, mustard greens, as well as lots of scallion and radish. For the summer and fall season, we’ll have a full pallet of different vegetables, such as multiple squash varieties, cucumbers, beans, peas, edamame, tomatoes, tomatillos, potatoes, beets, carrots, red/spanish onions.

We’re still looking to supply a few more restaurants for the 2010 season. Along with your weekly produce orders, we offer a free compost pick-up/drop-off service. All your kitchen vegetable scraps will be composted on our farm sites to be eventually used as soil amendments for future crops

See the Green City Acres website here.


1 Tom Sullivan { 11.30.10 at 3:10 pm }

I would love to hear more about your edible landscaping activities.

Great going!

2 Olatunde Johnson { 11.30.10 at 5:33 pm }

I am very much in successful Green Kelowna SPIN Farming uses only half acra. For your information in am in touch with Roxanne who is now finding host to accommodate me and my co-woker in compostion and organic agriculture for about two to three weeks to learn and come back to Sierra Leone and implement the same. At the moment not all can afford to eat vegetable as it is very expensive and as a result people are experiencing mal-nutrition.Therefore if trained we will come back to train your people to be self employed at the same time producing fresh and healthy food for their family,community and nation. I would like to establish partnership between your Farming organisation and Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone.
Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone (FOESL) which is a national branch of Friends of the Earth International established in about 80 countries world wide.
Since established in 1989 we hace bben creating awareness and protection as well as well as working to improve the living condition of our society.
Amongst out several activities are waste management, Composting and organic agriculture. We want to change our city to Green City Freetown for others to follow.
I look forward to your perusal reply.

Olatunde Johnson,Executive Director.
Friends of the Earth Sierrsa Leone.

3 Olatunde Johnson { 11.30.10 at 5:39 pm }

I wish to request for Green City Acre and Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone so as to establish SPIN FARMING example here in Sierra Leone. We are ready to take the challeng for promoting Urban and peri-urban agriculture in Sierra Leone.I know by your cooperation and support we wll succeed.