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Haultain Common in Victoria BC: A Garden on Public Land Where All May Harvest

Edible gardens are appearing on other parking strips

By Janaia Donaldson
Janaia’s Journal
Peak Moment TV 185
Nov 16, 2010


Rainey Hopewell’s crazy idea has ended up feeding a neighborhood and creating community. She and Margot Johnston planted vegetables in the parking strip in front of their house. They offer them free for the taking — to anyone, anytime — with messages chalked on the sidewalk noting when particular veggies are ready to pick. Neighboring children and adults are joining in to work on the garden, harvesting fun along with food, and even handing fresh-picked veggies to passers-by.

Chalk messages on the sidewalk tell passers-by when particular veggies are ready to pick. The birth mothers of the Haultain Common note that most people in our culture tend to be reluctant to receive if they haven’t first given. So “we just give them some tomatoes or potatoes and encourage them to come by and harvest in future.” And many of them do just that. For some, this produce helps keep hunger at bay.

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